Campus News: Spring Events

Husky Awards Banquet

Left Photo: Husky Awards Banquet Student Senate members (left to right): Thorr Wiebke, Susan Paulson, Samantha Voelkner, Jordan Brandt, Quincey Roisum, Grete Udesen

Right photo: Student Senate President Jori Davis with her father, ERTC faculty Lawrence Harvey and LSC President Kathy Nelson

Center for Lifelong Learning Grand Opening

President Kathy Nelson, Vice President of Academic Affairs Candace Barnack and representatives from the Duluth Chamber of Commerce helped with the ribbon-cutting for the new Center.

New Policy Moves Up Student Payment Deadlines

LSC’s new payment policy for students moves up the deadlines for tuition and fees payment. Students who do not make arrangements for payment on schedule may be dropped from their classes for non-payment. If students are unable to pay tuition and fees in full by the deadlines, there are the following options to avoid being dropped from classes:
Complete application for financial aid
Pay a down payment of $300 and set up a payment plan with the Student Payment Office
Provide the Student Payment Office with verification of a scholarship, third party payment or PSEO status.

For deadline information, contact Sherri Johnson, LSC Business Office, 725-7717,