Delta Air Lines Announces National Partnership with Lake Superior College

After a year-long extensive evaluation process, Delta Air Lines has selected Lake Superior College as an approved partner college in training future aviation maintenance technicians (AMTs). Delta TechOps evaluated numerous AMT schools throughout the country with a goal to find colleges that are committed to meeting FAA standards and Delta’s principles of excellence to help meet the high demand for Aviation Maintence Technician positions expected over the next several years.

Lake Superior College’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program is a fully approved Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) program that prepares graduates to repair and maintain commercial and general technically advanced aircraft found in today’s market.

“We are excited to partner with Delta Air Lines,” said Dan Traska, director of LSC’s Center for Advanced Aviation. “The fact LSC was selected from many aviation maintenance programs throughout the country speaks volumes about the quality of our program, our instructors and our community partners. This national partnership with Delta will help open up even more career opportunities for our students, as well as continue to help promote both LSC’s aviation program and our community as a thriving aviation hub.”

Delta foresees continued high demand for well-trained AMT professionals in the airline industry for many years, and selected Lake Superior College along with 48 other AMT programs across the nation as a training partner.

“Over the past several months, Delta Tech Ops evaluated dozens of schools and found that they were determined to meet FAA standards as well as Delta’s high principles that exceed industry standards,” said Michael Mackey, TechOps Training Manager, Delta Air Lines. “It is our pleasure to announce that Lake Superior College in Duluth has been selected as one of the AMT schools that will partner with Delta.”

Through this partnership, Delta will become a valuable resource to LSC students and faculty for continuous improvement to LSC’s AMT program as technologies evolve. Delta will also help recruit future AMT professionals to the program and look to hire LSC-trained graduates for positions in their global workforce.

“Lake Superior College is fortunate to have strong partnerships with many local aviation leaders including AAR and Cirrus, who are also looking to hire LSC graduates,” said LSC President Pat Johns. “We look forward to working with Delta Air Lines now as well, and continuing to have Lake Superior College and Duluth be seen as a top destination for aviation related training and employment.”

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