LSC Business Professionals of America Students Earn 58 Medals at State Leadership Conference

Twelve students from Lake Superior College competed at the Business Professionals of America (BPA) State Leadership Conference held recently in Moorhead, Minnesota, earning 58 medals, including seven first place awards.

“We are extremely proud of our BPA students for their top showing at state,” said BPA Chapter Advisor Barb Struck who teaches in LSC’s business program area. “Our students competing in May at the national conference will be the culmination of ten months of business skills education, training and hard work.”

The twelve award-winning LSC students will go on to attend the  Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference, “Together We Create” in Anaheim, CA in May.  They will join more than 6,000 other conference delegates from across the nation to participate in national level business skills competitions, workshops, general sessions, and the national officer candidate campaigns and elections.

The LSC students received the following awards:

Finalist = placed 5th through 8th

SQL Database Fundamentals

Jake Skalbeck- 3rd

Zachary Johnson- 4th

Caleb Wolfe- 5th

College Accounting

Lydia Harvey- 2nd

Quinn Facile- 3rd

Jo Busick- Finalist

Banking & Finance

Jo Busick- 5th

Digital Communication Concepts

Jake Skalbeck- 1st

Caleb Wolfe- 5th

Zachary Johnson- Finalist

Digital Marketing Concepts

     Jo Busick- 1st

Computer Security

Jake Skalbeck- 2nd

Caleb Wolfe- Finalist

Information Technology Concepts

Caleb Wolfe- 5th

Zachary Johnson- Finalist

Medical Office Procedures

Nicole Salo- 1st

Athena Hartman- 3rd

Nicole Smith- Finalist

Dawn Penttila-Brady- Finalist

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications

Taylor Noyes- 4th

Nicole Smith- 5th

Fundamental Word Processing

Dawn Penttila-Brady- 2nd

Llona Sibik- 5th

Administrative Support Concepts

Ilona Sibik- 3rd

Athena Hartman- 5th

Lydia Harvey- Finalist

Caleb Wolfe- Finalist

Computer Network Technology

Jake Skalbeck- 4th

Financial Math & Analysis Concepts

Jo Busick- 3rd

Quinn Facile- Finalist

Business Meeting Management Concepts

Athena Hartman- 5th

Advanced Office Systems and Procedures

Athena Hartman- 2nd

Nicole Smith- 5th

Business Law and Ethics

Lydia Harvey- 1st

Quinn Facile- Finalist

PC Servicing and Troubleshooting

Jake Skalbeck- 5th

College Payroll Accounting

Taylor Noyes- 3rd

Visual Basic/C# Programming

Zachary Johnson- 1st

Caleb Wolfe- 2nd

JAVA Programming

Zachary Johnson – 2nd

Systems Administrative Using CISCO

Jake Skalbeck- Finalist

Personal Financial Management

Jo Busick – 2nd

Computer Programming Concepts

Jake Skalbeck- 3rd

Zachary Johnson- 4th

Caleb Wolfe- Finalist

Fundamentals of Web Design

Zachary Johnson- 1st

Jake Skalbeck- 2nd

Caleb Wolfe- 4th

Managerial Accounting

Taylor Noyes- Finalist

Management/Marketing/HR Concepts

Dan Penttila-Brady- Finalist

Ilona Sibik- Finalist

Basic Office Systems and Procedures

Ilona Sibik- 1st

Dawn Penttila-Brady- 4th

Intermediate Word Processing

Nicole Salo- 2nd

Athena Hartman- 5th

Nicole Smith- Finalist

Diagnostic Coding

Athena Hartman- 3rd

Nicole Smith- 5th

Business Professionals of America is a national organization for college, high school, and middle school students preparing for careers in business and information technology.  The organization’s activities and programs complement classroom instruction by giving students practical experience through application of the skills learned at school.  Business Professionals of America acts as a cohesive agent in the nationwide networking of education and business and industry. BPA is contributing to the preparation of world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills.