LSC Recognized for IT Leadership in Airtame Wireless Classroom Update; First College in Minnesota to Use New Technology

Congratulations to all Lake Superior College Minnesota State IT award winners: Front row, L-R: Kim Preiner; Carly Beckwith; Christine Torma; Back row, L-R: Jamie Jepperson; Tyler Scouton; Ryan Schaefer; Jerod Boisjoli; Chief Information Officer Steve Fudally

Lake Superior College’s IT team has received an award from the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system in recognition of their research, planning and implementation of an Airtame wireless air streaming system for teaching and learning on the entire campus, including more than eighty classrooms.

Lake Superior College is the first higher education institution in the state to install and use the cost-effective Airtame system on the entire campus. “Airtame has instantly provided us an opportunity to turn any classroom into a collaborative learning space,” said LSC Chief Information Officer Steve Fudally. Students simply download an app which connects their computing device to the display.  “Teachers and students may share their projects and ideas with the whole class from any location within the room streaming from any computing device.”

In use for more than a year at Lake Superior College, the Airtame system has worked out well in and out of the classroom. “Our IT staff can remotely manage the Airtame devices which has been a game changer for our frontline IT support,” said Fudally. “Airtame has resulted in our highest faculty and student satisfaction survey and a 75 percent reduction in help requests for IT support in classrooms.”

Airtame, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a crowd-funded company started in 2014 that makes a screen sharing device for schools and businesses. Their mission is to make it easy for people to share data and ideas without cables so you can work without limits. They have featured their partnership with Lake Superior College on their website.